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The Windsor chapter of CLUCK has an online poll.  If you haven't cast your vote yet, please do so!  This is a good way for us to know who you are, so we can keep you informed of new developments in the drive to legalize urban chickens.

Every time urban chickens come up in the local media, there is a deluge of support for a bylaw that supports individual residents' right to own chickens in their backyards. If you live in W-E and you haven't already registered your opinion by filling out the poll on our website, please let us know how you feel. The bylaw will change one day, but the speed at which it happens depends on how actively we push our councillors to listen to their constituents.

It's hard to tell for sure without a formal referendum.  Some councillors claim their constituents don't want the current bylaw to be overturned.  There seems to be no proof though. (If you haven't done so yet, please email your councillor so they know where you stand)

In fact, Councillor Alan Halberstadt has posted emails he has received from Windsorites on his website, and they are overwhelmingly in favour of allowing urban chickens.

I have also been talking about the issue with people I know, and those I don't know so well.  Not one single person told me they think the bylaw should stay as it is.  Responses have ranged from irritation that there is a bylaw at all, to one elderly friend who told me he thought it was a ridiculous concept when he first heard of it;  however, with all the media attention, he's been doing his own research and not only does he now support it, but he would like a couple of chickens of his own!  We know of a family in a residential neighbourhood who have kept 2 chickens for the past 4 years.  They have no intention of coming out of the closet after what the bylaws enforcement officers did at Sarah Kacso's house.

We need to properly frame the question before we can determine where Windsorites stand, and that is why we need Council to strike a working committee.  However, we don't have to make this difficult.  For example, perhaps you would support a bylaw amendment that allows the following:

Up to 3 well-looked after hens (no roosters) in a properly fenced-in area.  Eggs may not be sold, nor may slaughtering take place on the premises.

If that were the gist of the bylaw, would you want to keep chickens yourself?  Or would you support others' right to have them?  Are those rules too restrictive or not restrictive enough?  Would you want the chickens to reside a certain distance away from  neighbouring properties?  If so, what distance would be appropriate?  Should hens be licenced (like dogs), or unlicenced (like cats)? 

Please let your councillor know!

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